Run wild.Take massive action.Be happy.

11 reaons to run.

Hello Shredders,


I am back. Thank you that you found my blog-page. I will write in this blog about my physical and personal transformation, my running, sport and other events. 

Running wild, take massive action and be happy is my mantra.

Running wild is something which I do already for a certain time in my life and I just love it. I love to be exposed to nature and find some time with myself and challenge my body.


To take massive action, an expression of my online-mentor Adam Waters. He is well known as the master of online-accountability and made himself magic transformations  ( check out his blog http://rtp-blog.com ).

To “take massive action” describes what I will do in 2009 after I recovered from being sick for a very long time now.


People ask me what I do to motivate myself to start every day new and to follow my plans. Of course, first there are my very private personal reasons why. These HUGE motivation-triggers which keep one the way But there are little “tricks” which make running fun every day and I think of them when I tie my running-shoes.


Here are my 11 reasons to run and get out of the house:


  1. I feel alive.

  2. I am looking forward to the nice feeling which I will have after an intense training.

  3. I am exposed to nature and weather.

  4. I get to know my neighbourhood.

  5. I see the seasons clearly, not only from T.V. or calendar.

  6. I train my cardio-vascular system.

  7. I train my muscles.

  8. I burn more calories, get/stay lean/attractive.

  9. I have some “me” time.

  10. I can solve problems in solitude.

  11. I can beat my personal best time or just cruise around.


What are your reasons for running, doing sport outside or simply shredding outdoors?


Tomorrow I will write about my little self-motivation tools, the little things beside my PRWs (personal reasons why), the little tricks which make it fun to shred or do sport even if I am bored, it is raining or snowing heavily or it is 35 degrees and I have to get out of bed in the earliest morning-hours to have a chance to do my cardio-training outside without fainting.

Until tomorrow!


Run wild, take massive action.





  Danny wrote @

Great to have you back juli!
Awesome to see how motivated you are to get started again.
Hope you get healthy soon.

Shred on

PS: Nice blog by the way. I’ll be changing the ling on my blog right now 😀

  julirunswild wrote @

Thank you, Danny, I am also happy to be back.

Happy New Year to you too, 2009 will be your year!!!! You will become my favourite pilot!


  Suzette wrote @

Juli, so sorry to hear of your sickness. scarlet fever does not sound like “fun”. here’s praying you will recover soon! so glad to see that you are back! 2009 will be the best year for a lot of us! looking forward to “running” with you!

  julirunswild wrote @

Suzette, thank you for your warm words. Yes, 2009 will be a fantastic year for all of us. I am holding thumbs for you and your transformation which you are going to start together with your “RTP-buddy” Mike. Shred on in 2009, hugs, Juli

  Jay wrote @

Hi Juli…
It’s so very nice to have you back – you’ve really been missed. I hope you get over your illness very soon. Happy New Year – let’s make it the greatest ever..!

  julirunswild wrote @

Hey Jay!
Happy New Year to you too, it is going to be a fantastic 2009. Hope you had nice holidays with your kids and your friend. Yes, to quote Adam: 2009 will be a “biggie” for all of us!

Hugs, Juli

  Lilla wrote @

Love your new blog!!! Hoping you are fully recovered soon! 🙂

  julirunswild wrote @

Thank you, Lilla. I means a lot if a “super-elegant-blogger” loves my blog!

Hugs, Juli

  angie wrote @

ya glade your back. found the new site and have you booked marked. can’t wait to start reading again. Aingie

  julirunswild wrote @

Thank you Angie, I am also happy to be back. Found you in the Shreddersphere as well, BIG THING. NICE! Juli

  Ron wrote @

Great to see you back blogging, Juli! Hope you recover from your illness quickly and start running wild around the world and the blogosphere again.

  julirunswild wrote @

Hello Ron, I am also happy to be back, thank you for your wishes. Meet you in blog-world and Shreddersphere. Juli

  Diane wrote @

Hi Juli:
I like what you’re doing with this new blog! Thanks for visiting…strange you were blocked from posting comment to my blog. Well, I look forward to keep up with you as you run wild , free and enjoy this beautiful journey called life.
Here’s to a great and healthy 2009.

  julirunswild wrote @

Thank you for your compliment, Diane, yes, I was kind of “blocked” from my machine to comment from my blog. To a great and healthy 2009! Hugs, J.

  Buffedstuff wrote @

I am so glad you are back, I want you to take very good care of your precious self 😉

  julirunswild wrote @

I am going to give my best, BuffedStuff, ;-).

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