Run wild.Take massive action.Be happy.

Day 22 / 84 Hello from Berlin!

Hello Shredders,

it is almost 02.00 a.m. while I am finally sitting in front of my Laptop to blog for the day. I  am at the moment in Berlin and will stay here until Thursday, it is a business-trip with lots of work.

I am very tired, got up a t 4 a.m. and need some sleep now.

My day was productive and effective work-wise, I got some running in and my weight-training.
For those who ask: Yes, I trained, but in a tiny hotel-gym, so no furniture-lifting necessary, ;-).

A big shout-out goes to our resident co-shredder Lynda. Lynda lives in Spain and rocks the house by walking the kilometers like a gazelle in the bush! We hit today the 70 km mark and all of us do extremely well.

A huge welcome to all the new Shredders in the Shredder-sphere and good luck to all the Shredders who started their missions today.

One Shredder, Jay from Copenhagen (what a beautiful town) started today as well and we know him already from the time when many of us were still blogging in the wild world of wordpress.com and blogger.com. I am convinced that Jay will show massive results as he has the heart of a sportsman and showed already big results in his former missions.
Good luck, Jay,
It is time to get some sleep,

100 %



Run wild and takes massive action,


P.S.: Caz, shred hard with the Awesome 8, you are awesome, too.


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